Hey everyone,

My first video tutorial just went up on Webdesign Tuts+. In this HD video series I’m showing you how to design a corporate website from scratch in Photoshop, then, in the 3rd day of the tutorial, I’m showing how you can code that website into valid HTML and CSS files.

So, check out the link above and watch the 2 hour tutorial and don’t forget to comment and rate :)

Oh, did I mention the PSD files are free for download on the tutorial page? Also, you can grab the fully working HTML/CSS from Day 3 & 4 of the tutorial.

Watch the entire series:

  1. Thanks for this great tutorial series!!

  2. Hi Adi – loving the tutorials so far on WDT!

    Everyone:- If you haven’t already checked Adi’s tuts on web design tuts… then I suggest you do so… I highly recommend them. He is a great teacher :)

  3. Thanx for the information. Very usefull.

  4. Hey, thank’s for these tuts! It really helped me on the start.
    Many thanks

  5. Hey, this is just fab!

    Actually I’m looking for a nice, kind of minimal corporate theme, for a client that doesn’t want to pay too much. And now I’ve found both the PSD and the HTML/CSS files! You rock, and just made my day. Thanks mate!

  6. i love this, adi :) thx …

  7. really these tuts helped me a lot in my coming project.

    Thanks man

  8. Hi Adi, your tutorial gives a lot of information regarding designing a corporate website. Thanks for sharing. Awaiting for more such informative post.

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